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Friday, December 18, 2009

How will you leave your legacy?

People will remember 2009 for many reasons. For the New York Chapter of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and for Black and Hispanic MBA alumni associations from New York University and Fordham University, 2009 marks the birth of the Alliance Development Committee, which was created to empower our communities.

To fulfill its purpose, the Alliance Development Committee is launching two exciting and important initiatives in 2010: the SAT Test Prep Scholarships (“STEPS”) for high school juniors attending New York City public schools and an MBA Mentoring program for recent graduates. Both ventures share one goal: empowerment of our communities from high school to postgraduate education and beyond.

Alliance’s Purpose

• Create substantive activities – well beyond social interaction – in which MBA alumni of color can engage
• Develop a pipeline of committed alumni dedicated to creating and maintaining connections between more recent and less recent graduates
• Give back to our communities in New York City and its surrounding areas

Alliance’s Objectives

The Alliance’s planned programs have two primary objectives:
• Better prepare our youth for college admission
• Mentor professionals once they are ensconced in the work force

The first objective is addressed through the newly created SAT Test Prep Scholarship (“STEPS”) program. The Wall Street Journal reports that average SAT test scores for African Americans and Hispanics fell across the board in 2009. The Alliance’s delivery partners for this initiative are Learning Leaders, a New York City-based non-profit organization that has trained volunteers to provide individualized instructional and other school-based support for our public school students and their parents for over fifty years and Revolution Prep, a test preparation service founded in 2002, which provides school-based SAT test prep services throughout New York City.

The MBA Mentoring Program is the group’s solution to the second objective, coupling requests for advanced professional development with meaningful community involvement in order to create a structured, cohesive and beneficial enterprise. The MBA Mentoring Program is the first leadership development and mentoring program of its kind available through the three MBA organizations. It pairs select recent and less recent African American and Hispanic MBA graduates from NYU and Fordham Universities and members of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs’ New York chapter.

How You Can Help

The current and ongoing success of these programs is completely dependent upon your support. If you believe in the power of individuals and communities to create and nurture collective excellence, we urge you to join us.

• Save the date: January 28, 2010. Attend the Alliance’s MBA mentor recruitment and networking session.

• Save the date: February 24, 2010. Attend or support the Alliance’s STEPS fundraising dinner.

• Contact us with ideas and suggestions.

About Us

The Alliance Development Committee was founded in 2009 and is comprised of Black and Hispanic MBA alumni from NYU and Fordham Universities and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs’ New York chapter. To contact the Alliance:

Learning Leaders is the largest school volunteer and parent engagement program in New York City and a partner of the New York City Department of Education. For more information, visit

Revolution Prep was founded by two UCLA Anderson School of Business alumni and former Kaplan and Princeton review teachers. The company provides SAT, GRE and other standardized test preparation services. For more information, visit

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